Canine Spay & Neuter


Canine Spay or Neuter Surgery is a very important decision for every pet owner.

Between 3 and 4 million pets are euthanized at animal shelters across the United States each year, most of which could have been avoided if more owners spayed or neutered their pets.

We offer low canine cost spay and neuter surgeries for our patients to help reduce the number of unwanted pets in our local shelters. The outpatient procedure is much like an actual surgery for humans; your dog is given anesthesia so they will sleep through the surgery, and all vital signs are monitored continually during the procedure. All of our surgical equipment is sterilized before each surgery and the doctor ‘scrubs’ up just like at the hospital, to eliminate any chance of outside infection. Our team of surgeons, technicians and nurse anesthetists offer your pet the highest quality of surgical care, so you can rest assured your dog is in good hands.

Canine Spay/Neuter Benefits include:

  • Helps Decrease Unwanted Behaviors
    • Howling
    • Wandering to Mate
    • Fighting
  • Reduces the Incidence of Some Diseases and Infections
  • Decreases the Number of Dogs Euthanized in Shelters Annually

At Care Animal Hospital, conveniently located in South Brandon on Bloomingdale Avenue, we perform surgery a minimum of 4 days a week to better serve our patients as well as their owners. Most elective surgeries check in early in the morning and are released to go home in the afternoon.

After surgery, we will monitor their recovery and make sure they are awake, alert and in the best possible condition when you arrive to pick them up in the afternoon. We will call you once the procedure is completed to let you know everything went well and give you an exact pick up time.

We have LOW COST CANINE SPAY AND NEUTER SERVICES in the Brandon, Florida area. The dog or puppy must be current on vaccines to be eligible for surgery.

Contact us today at (813) 684-PETS (7387) to schedule an appointment or for more information on our spay and neuter surgeries for dogs.

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