Avian Veterinary Services


Avian veterinary services are important as birds are usually pretty good at hiding their sickness. It’s important for the pet owner to pay attention to their behavior. Some common indicators that your bird may not be feeling well include a change in appetite or water consumption, a noticeable difference in droppings (consistency and color), or a change in appearance and behavior (fluffed up or less interactive). With birds, time is of the essence when they require medical assistance. That’s why it’s extremely important that your feathered companion comes in twice a year for checkups so we can keep them healthy and happy!

Just got a new pet bird?

For the health of all birds in the house, please isolate new birds from any existing birds until they have been properly tested for diseases that may be contagious and cause illness. Contact us today to schedule an avian examination.

Avian Veterinary Services:

  • Physical Examination
  • Nebulization Therapy
  • Bird Sexing
  • Parasite Testing & Control
  • Disease Testing
  • Beak, Wing and Nail Care (we use Dremmels)

Care Animal Hospital Avian Veterinary appointment