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Does your pet have an Ear Infection?

By Cheri August 11, 2011

Basic Ear Infection:   Dog & cat’s ear canals have both a vertical and a horizontal component (they are “L” shaped).  This structure predisposes dogs to ear infections as debris must work its way upward rather than straight out.  Ear infections usually affect the external portion of the canal.  They often stem from over-production of wax that occurs in response to irritation.

ear infections in dogs brandon fl

Possible causes include allergic skin disease (especially in recurring cases); other causes of ear infections include an overgrowth of yeast and/or bacteria, ear mites, foreign bodies such as grass seed or an overgrowth of hair deep in the canal.

Signs that your pet has developed an ear infection include:

  1. scratching at their ears,
  2. shaking their head
  3. holding one ear slightly dropped.
  4. Discharge and odor may be noticed as well.

Seeking veterinary care promptly helps to ensure a quick recovery.  The longer the ear infection is left untreated, the longer and more difficult treatment becomes.  If the infection reaches the middle ear, affected animals may develop a head tilt, lack of balance, and unusual back-and-forth eye movements called nystagmus. These symptoms are called vestibular signs and represent a complication of middle ear infection. Middle ear infections can also cause paralysis of the facial nerve, leading to a slack-jawed appearance on that side of the face.  If you notice ANY of these signs seek veterinary care immediately.


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