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Story of the Week: Sam, the Persian Cat

Pet: Sam, 5 year old Persian Cat

Owner: Jerry B., Valrico


“Sam” is a 5yr old Persian Cat that lives indoors and is owned by Jerry from Valrico.  He originally presented because he had fallen off a speaker earlier that day and was having seizures. During the exam, it was found that his bottom jaw was misaligned, possibly fractured but Sam was neurologically fine during the exam.  His owner elected to take home and observe.

Jerry and Sam returned on because he had another seizure and a wound was found on his left side.  Again, upon examination he was neurologically normal.  The wounds on his side were shaved and it was found that he had bite wounds.  “Sam” is an indoor-only cat, but their screen door had been broken and owner’s suspect he must have escaped without them realizing; was attacked by another animal and sustained some head trauma that caused the broken lower jaw and seizures.

Bloodwork was done which was all normal and Sam was put on antibiotics for the wound.  He was overdue on his Rabies vaccine and will have to be closely observed for any signs of Rabies. He was given a Rabies vaccine booster and will have to be quarantined for 6 months.

They returned on 4 days later for a recheck exam and Sam was doing great!  He was eating and drinking well, with no more seizure activity!  We all hope he continues to do well!

His owners will still be monitoring him closely for any signs of a relapse.  Dr. Kane wishes that “Sam” was able to tell us what happened to him, and told owner that if he continues to recover with no further problems, he probably used up at least 6 of his 9 lives!


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