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Story of the Week: Sir Bailey the Yorkie

Pet: Sir Bailey, Yorkie

Owner: Tina P. of Valrico, FL


“Sir Bailey” is a 8yr old Yorkie owned by Tina P. of Valrico, FL.  His owner’s have had an infestation of Bufo Toads lately to the point that they come in through the doggie door.  Owners found Sir Bailey laying unconscious and foaming at the mouth in their kitchen after being outside.  They rushed him to CARE Animal Hospital and upon arrival he was seizing and foaming profusely.

Dr. Kane immediately had tech flush his mouth with water, started IV fluids and administered anti-seizure meds and a universal toxin antidote as there is no antidote for Bufo Toads.

The owner’s were given a very guarded to grave prognosis.  However, Sir Bailey, steadily recovered throughout the day and by the evening was up and walking around and wagging his tail.  He still had some slight loss of peripheral vision which drs expect will fully return.

He made the entire staff very happy!!!

About Bufo Toads?

The bufo toad (Bufo marinus) (also known as marine toad , giant toad, cane toad) is a huge brown to grayish-brown toad with a creamy yellow belly and deeply-pitted parotoid glands extending down the back. Adult giant toads generally range in size from 6 to 9in (15 to 23cm), but may get larger. They are replacing the native southern toad (Bufo terrestris) in the cities of Florida.


Untreated, the death rate for Bufo marinus may approach 100%.

Keeping your dog on a leash and well supervised when outdoors should be sufficient to prevent bufo toad toxicity. We suggest you carry a flashlight at night, so that if the dog seems overly curious about something you can check it out.

One of the ways to reduce toads in your yard is to eliminate potential food sources. Leaving uneaten pet food out in the yard can attract toads.

The doctors at Care Animal Hospital concur the best course of action is not letting dogs be unsupervised outdoors. If your dog is exposed rinse it’s mouth and immediately rush to veterinarian.

The smaller the dog,  the greater the danger. If your dogs comes in from outside drooling heavily, please assume it was exposed to a Bufo Toad.  Rinse it’s mouth and seek veterinary assistance immediately.


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