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sparklers, fourth of july, pet safetyFourth of July is a wonderful time to celebrate with friends and family, and while it’s a great time for people, it can be a stressful time for pets. In addition to loud parties, intense heat and travel, you have fireworks to contend with. Whether you decide to stay home or travel with your pet this year, here are a few tips to keep your furry friend safe this Fourth of July.

Make sure your dog is microchipped and information is up to date
Fireworks, travel and parties mean ample opportunities for your pet to be lost. Even when you take the best precautions, the unthinkable can often happen. Make it easier to reunite with your pet by having updating the tags on their collars and having them microchipped. If your pet is already microchipped, make sure the information on the chip is up to date.

Keep your pet inside during activities
The best way to keep your pet safe and calm during fireworks or parties is to keep them indoors and away from too much activity. Pets can often get overwhelmed, but by providing them with a safe space they can escape to inside the house, you can ensure they won’t escape the yard.

Watch what they eat
When the grill is going, it can be easy to forget that your pet has a more sensitive stomach then you. Talk to party guests and let them know not to give your pet table scraps. Onions and garlic, common ingredients in side dishes, are dangerous for pets to consume and especially important to keep away. Even burgers and hot dogs can cause upset tummies, so it’s best not to feed them any kind of scraps.

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