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firefighters-1251098_1280Pet safety might not always be the first thing you think of when you think of a fire, but as furry members of the family, we know that you want to keep them safe and protected. That’s why this Pet Fire Safety Day, we’ve got some tips to help keep you and your pet safe.

Watch your pet around open flames
Pets are naturally curious and open flames, such as candles, campfires, fireplaces and stoves can be an alluring distraction. Make sure you never leave them unattended and that you keep items like candles away from wagging tails.

Keep young and new pets away from fire hazards
Puppies or newly adopted pets may not have the training to understand that items like electronic cords are off limits. Keep them in a crate or secure wires so they can’t be chewed. Have a dog that likes to hop up and look on the counter? Consider removing the knobs from the front of your stove. Hundreds of fires are started each year by pets inadvertently turning on cooktops.

Have a plan in place
In the unfortunate event that there is a fire, have a plan in place for your pets. If you have multiple pets, assign each family member to a pet to ensure their safe extraction from the home. Keep leashes and collars in a safe and obvious place so they’re easily found in an emergency.

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