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VMR-1_builds_camaraderie_with_tailgate_cookout_141022-M-XX000-027Memorial Day is next week and many of us are looking forward to a three day weekend! The unofficial kick off of the summer season means backyard cookouts, pool parties and lots of fun for you and your friends and family! So how can you celebrate this Memorial Day and keep your pet safe? Keep a few things in mind.

Don’t share your food or drinks.
Alcohol, soft drinks and many human foods are dangerous for your pet. Don’t allow any party guests to feed your dog or cat any of these items. Onions, grapes and avocados are all common cook out items that are dangerous to pets. For a full list of toxic foods, check out this list.

Give them shelter.
Dogs and cats can’t sweat so it can be harder for them to regulate their body temperature. As the mercury climbs, so does the risk of heat stroke for your pet. Give them access to plenty of water and shade as the day gets warm. Never leave a pet in a car, even with the windows cracked.

Keep an eye on them.
Memorial Day parties may present a host of hazards. Hot grills, lots of people, lakes or pools, and unpredictable situations. If you decide to bring your dog to a Memorial Day shindig, make sure they are supervised. Don’t let them into a pool or lake alone. Don’t allow them near hot grills or open fire pits. And don’t allow a stressful situation to get the best of your pet. If they seem to be stressed, remove them from the situation.

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