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Vaccinate Your Dog to Protect them from Rattlesnake Bites

Dogs living in Central Florida are 20 times more likely than people to be bitten by a rattlesnake. Rattlesnake bites can cause a painful, life-threatening reaction that requires immediate medical attention, hospitalization, and administration of anti-venom. Such a severe reaction can cause permanent damage or death even with the best treatment.

Rattlesnake venom cause can cause extensive damage to the entire body system. Excessive swelling and blood loss at the wound site leads to anemia and shock. The venom causes further damage to the clotting ability of the blood. A blood transfusion may have to be performed.

We now have a vaccine against rattlesnake venom. The rattlesnake vaccine will reduce and delay the effects of rattlesnake bites. However the risk is not eliminated, A DOG BITTEN BY A SNAKE MUST ALWAYS SEEK IMMEDIATE MEDICAL ATTENTION! Anti-venom can cost several hundred dollars, and treatment care can extend to several thousand. Vaccinating your dog can be performed during a routine appointment, is affordable, and can greatly reduce treatment costs.

An office exam and consultation is always included at no additional charge when you call to schedule an appointment to get your dog vaccinated. Contact a Countryside veterinary care professional today to protect your pet from the hazards of living in a tropical paradise.

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