I rescued a Weimaraner that was neglected and very sick. Poor girl could barely walk and was practically blind. I took her to Care Animal Hospital and was seen by Dr. Shedden. Avon was diagnosed with diabetes and her eye was so bad that it may need to be surgically removed. Dr. Shedden immediately gave her all sorts of antibiotics and insulin. I was new at this thus didn’t know much about diabetes. I would call Dr. Shedden frequently with questions and she would reply immediately and addressed all my concerns. Dr. Shedden is very kind and cares for her animals. I’ve never met a vet with such love and kindness. We, and Avon are very grateful to her. Avon has improved tremendously. Her eye has healed, she is happy and playful. Thank you Dr. Shedden for saving Avon. ❤ P.s. wonderful staff.