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Cat Neutering & Spaying Brandon, FL

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The procedure to spay (female) or neuter (male) a cat is an effective way to reduce the overpopulation of unwanted and homeless animals. In addition, there are many health benefits associated with this procedure.

Cat Spay or Cat Neuter Benefits include:

  • Helps Decrease Unwanted Behaviors
    • Urine Spraying
    • Howling
    • Wandering to Mate
    • Fighting
  • Reduces the Incidence of Some Cancers and Infections
  • Reduces the Numbers of Disease-Carrying Colonies of Cats
  • Decreases the Number of Cats Euthanized in Shelters Annually

At Care Animal Hospital, conveniently located in South Brandon on Bloomingdale Avenue, we perform surgery a minimum of 4 days a week to better serve our patients as well as their owners. Most elective surgeries check in early in the morning and are released to go home in the afternoon.

We recommend spaying or neutering your feline friend between the ages of 4-6 months and after completing the kitten vaccine series. Contact our office today at (813) 684-PETS (7387) to either schedule an appointment or to get more information on our spay or neuter surgery for your pet.

*We have LOW COST CAT SPAY AND NEUTER SERVICES in the Brandon, Florida area.  The cat or kitten must be current on vaccines (the Feline Distemper Complex and Rabies) to be eligible for surgery.

Care Animal Hospital Wellness Plans

“As every cat owner knows, nobody owns a cat.”

Ellen Perry Berkley

Cats are wonderfully unique among animals.

It’s hard to tell sometimes whether they’re playing with you – or you’re playing with them. It’s that special bond between you and your cat that makes living with a cat so enjoyable.

And while cats are certainly fun and beautiful companions, we must make sure they are getting the proper medical and nutritional care they need to keep them happy and healthy for the years ahead. Over the past 25 years at Care Animal Hospital, we’ve helped thousands of cats and kittens by protecting them against sickness and disease through routine exams, various tests, and annual vaccinations.

Need to schedule an appointment?

Contact our Brandon veterinary hospital at (813) 684-PETS (7387) to speak with a member of our staff. Your pet will thank you for it!

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