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We call them ‘Man’s Best Friend’ for a reason.

For hundreds of years, our canine companions have brought joy and laughter into the home – as well as protection for those that need it.

Many of us look at our dogs as members of the family and with that in mind we should make sure that they’re getting the proper medical and nutritional care they need to stay happy and healthy for years to come. At Care Animal Hospital, we’ve worked with thousands of dogs and puppies for more than 25 years to protect them against disease and protect them when they are sick.

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Dog Dentistry

Ignoring the condition of your pet’s teeth can lead to periodontal disease, tooth loss, and other serious health problems.

While you should never brush your dog’s teeth with toothpaste made for people (it may upset your pet’s stomach), it is important their teeth get brushed to help prevent tartar buildup and plaque. While it may be a bit awkward at first, we’ll help you get started on the road towards good dental health for your pet.

At Care Animal Hospital of Brandon, the latest advances in dog dentistry technology are available to treat dental problems of all sizes. With the addition of a high tech digital dental x-ray machine, we can address not only routine scale and polish procedures, but major extractions as well.

Dental Hygiene is one of the most important factors contributing to the health of your dog, along with weight and exercise. It adversely affects every organ system in the body, if not addressed properly. At Care Animal Hospital, we recommend an annual dental screening for your canine companion.

When should we start dental cleanings for my dog?

dog healthy smileAll dogs are unique.  Like most factors when it comes to canine health, the recommendations for nutrition and exercise vary according to breed or size.  Dental Health for dogs is no different.  Please review the following guidelines to help you determine when is a good time to start your dog’s dental cleanings:

  • Teacup Breeds: Teacup breeds are prone to having severe dental problems. It is recommended that dental cleanings begin as early as 1 year old.
  • Small Breeds: At 2 years old, small breed dogs should begin dental cleanings.
  • Medium-Sized Dogs: At this size, it is recommended they begin dental cleanings around 2-3 years old.
  • Large Dogs: Large dogs should start regular dental cleanings at 3-4 years old.

Routine Dental Cleaning
To prevent dental disease, it is advised your dog receive annual dental cleanings from our veterinarians.  When you bring your canine to Care Animal Hospital for a cleaning, here is what you can expect:

  • Patient arrives in the morning and will stay for the day
  • General Anesthesia
  • Thorough Oral Exam
  • Digital X-Rays (if needed)
  • Extractions (if needed)
  • Scale and Polish
  • Patient is moved to recovery and monitored

The following dental maintenance products are also available for purchase:

  • Flavored Toothpaste
  • Oral Sealant (available as part of the procedure)
  • Water Additives
  • Disinfectant Mouth Spray

Contact us at (813) 684-PETS (7387) to schedule a complimentary dental exam or learn more about our pet dental health services or read our pet blog.

For our owners with other pets such as horses, goats, sheep, reptiles we also offer pet spays, pet boarding, pet dental services. If you need an amazing animal hospital near you then come visit us today or call us to find out more information.

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A person who has never owned a dog has missed a wonderful part of life.
- Bob Baker

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