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Story of the Week: Bailey, the short-haired Cat

By Cheri September 20, 2011

Client: Erica Vest from Seffner

Pet: “Bailey” a 10yr old domestic shorthair cat.


Situation: Came into Care Animal Hospital on August 15th for urinating outside litterbox.  Blood and urine samples were sent to the lab and revealed that due to Baily being extremely obese (23.3lbs) she had developed diabetes.  Her owner’s had no idea that cat and/or dogs were at risk for diabetes and were happy to share her story to help another owner prevent the same thing.


Outcome: Bailey has been put and injections of insulin twice a day and her diet has been changed to help encourage weight loss.  On September 1st, she was seen again and was responding well to treatment and had lost 0.5lbs.



If your cat’s behavior is changing, it may be a medical issue.  Please contact CARE ANIMAL HOSPITAL today at (813) 684-PETS (7387) to discuss your options.


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